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1553 or 1553B DatabusThe MIL-STD-1553B databus is a military standard communications system that allows the transfer of data between units coupled on a shared communications path(databus).  The systems on the bus can be electrically isolated. The bus runs at 1Mbps and utilises a 16 bit word, although a total of 20 bits are utilised to perform error checking. The system is controlled by a box called the Bus Controller of which there must always be one. The bus controller can communicate with a maximum of 31 units on the bus.
A&AEEAeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment
AAISApproach Aid Interface Unit
AAOAir to Air Override
AARAir to Air Refuelling
ABCVAir Bleed Control Valve
ACMIAir Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation
ADC Air Data Computer
ADFAutomatic Direction Finding
ADIAttitude Direction Indicator
ADRAccident Data Recorder
ADV Air Defence Variant, also known as F.2 and F.3             
ADVSMTAir Defence Variant Software Maintenance team
AEWAirborne Early Warning
AFDS Automatic Flight Director System
AFVGAnglo French Variable Geometry
AGEAerospace Ground Equipment
AICSAir Intake Control System
ALARM Air Launched Anti Radiation Missile
ALFENSAutomated Low Flying and Flight Planning Enquiry & Notification System
AMIAeronautica Militare Italiana
AMRAAMAdvanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile
ANISAutomatic Navigation Intercept System
AOAAngle of Attack
AOBAngle of Bank
AOTDActive Optical Detector Unit
AP3207RAF Flight Safety Manual
APAir Publication
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
AROPAir to Air Refuelling Operations Order
ARTFAlkali Removable Temporary Finish (allegedly!)
ASFAircraft Servicing Flight
ASMAir Systems Master
ASPAircraft Servicing Platform
ASRAir Staff Requirement
ASRAAMAdvanced Short Range Air to Air Missile
ASUAntenna Switching Unit
ATEAutomatic Test Equipment
ATF Automatic Terrain Following
ATMAir Tasking Message
ATSAutomatic Test Station
ATTGAutomated Tactical Target Graphic
BACBritish Aircraft Corporation
BAE British Aerospace, a 42 % shareholder in Panavia
BASOVBleed Air Shut Off Valve
BCVBrake Control Valve
BDABattle Damage Assessment
BDMBasic Defensive Manoeuvring
BITE Built In Test Equipment
BOSSBomb On Station Switch
BRSLBomb Release Safety Lock
BTCBus Tie Connector
BTHBeyond The Horizon
BTRUBarostatic Time Release Unit
BTTDFUBreech Type Time Delay Firing Unit
BVRBeyond Visual Range
CAP Combat Air Patrol
CASOMConventionally Armed Stand Off Missile
CAUCold Air Unit
C-BITEContinuous Built in Test Equipment
CBLSCarrier Bomb Light Store
CCECommunications Control Equipment
CCILContinuously Computed Impact Line
CCSCommunication Control System
CDMTCentral Design and Management Team
CECCommand Ejection Controller
CGAFCVCabin Ground Airflow Control Valve
CGIChief Ground Instructor
CHECombined Heat Exchanger
CIChief Instructor
CJIUCanopy Jettison Initiator Unit
CLPCommon Loading Point
CLSComputer Loading System
C-MISTCottesmore Meteorological Information System
CMPCentral Maintenance Panel
CPCVCabin Pressure Control Valve
CPGSCassette Preparation Ground Station
CPSUCentral Power Supply Unit
CRMDCombined Radar and Projected Map Display
CRPMDCombined Radar Projected Map Display
CSAS Command Stability Augmentation System
CSDECentral Servicing Development Establishment
CSGComputer Symbol Generator
CSUCombined Service Unit
CTICompetent to Instruct
CVRCockpit Voice Recorder
CWPCentral Warning Panel
CWSCentral Warning System
DACTDissimilar Air Combat Training
DASSDefensive Aids Subsystem
DAUData Acquisition Unit
DDVRDigital Data Voice Recorder
DECLASSDeclassification Program
DECUDigital Engine Control Unit
DELDirect Electrical Link
DERADefence Evaluation and Research Agency
DFCSDigital Flight Control System
DHDirect Hit
DINSDigital Inertial Navigation System
DLGSData Link Ground Station
DMEADefect Mode and Effect Analysis
DMPIDesired Mean Point(s) of Impact
DPIDifferential Pressure Indicator
DPUData Processing Unit
DTSDigital Terrain System
DUDisplay Unit
DVSDemodulated Video Signal


EBWElectron Beam Welding
ECCEquipment Compartment Conditioning
ECMElectronic Counter Measures
ECCMElectronic Counter Counter Measures
ECR (EKA)Electronic Combat Reconnaissance
ECSEnvironmental Control System
EGTPExternal Ground Test Program
EHDDEnhanced/Electronic Head Down Display
EHPElectro-Hydraulic Pump
EHTExtra High Tension
EIAWEnhanced Imagery Analysis Workstation
EJEmergency Jettison
EKA(ECR)Elektronische Kampffuhrung und Aufklarung
ELPElectro-Luminescent Panel
EPSEmergency Power System
EPSCElectrical Power System Control
ERAVEmergency Ram Air Valve
ERUEjector Release Unit
ESMElectronic Support Measures
ESOVEjector Shut Off Valve
ESRRDE-Scope Radar Repeater Display
ESSCEngineering Supply Sub Committee
EUCARFEuropean Central Airspace Facility Ramstein
EUMSEngine Utilisation Management System
EWElectronic Warfare


FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control
FBWFly By Wire
FCOCFuel Cooled Oil Cooler
FCSFlight Control System
FEBAForward Edge of Battle Area
FFFixed Frequency
FFTFast Fourier Transform
FHFlying Hours
FJFast Jet
FLIR Forward Looking Infra Red
FLOTForward Line of Own Troops
FMICWFrequency Modulated Interrupted Continuous Wave
FMSFuel Management System
FODForeign Object Damage
FRPFlight Refuelling Probe
FSCLFire Support Coordination Line
FSDUFlap Slat Drive Unit


GCIGround Controlled Intercept
GCSGenerator Control Switch
GCUGenerator Control Unit
GLDGround Laser Designator
GMPMDGround Mapping ???
GMPGround Maintenance Program
GMRGround Mapping Radar
GPCGround Power Contactor
GPCUGround Power Contactor Unit
GPLUGround Program Loading Unit
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GPUGround Power Unit
GPWSGround Proximity Warning System
GREGround Replay Equipment
GTFGround Test Facility
GTLSGaseous Tritium Light Source
HACQHUD Acquisition
HAS Hardened Aircraft Shelter     
HCHand Controller
HDDHead Down Display
HDERUHeavy Duty Ejector Release Unit
HDUHose Drum Unit
HE High Explosive
HEIHigh Explosive Incendiary
HFHigh Frequency
HISLHigh Intensity Strobe Lights
HJHome on Jam
HLLHigh Lift Lever
HLWSCUHigh Lift Wing Sweep Control Unit
HOTAS Hands On Throttle And Stick
HPRUHarness Power Retraction Unit
HRIHeading Repeater Indicator
HUD Heads Up Display
HydrazineMonofuel N2H4
I BandRadar Frequencies,  8 - 10 GHz
I BITEInterruptive Built in Test Equipment
IAImagery Analyst
IAWImagery Analysis Workstation
ICCSIntegrated Command and Control System
ICWInterrupted Continuous Wave
IDGIntegrated Drive Generator
IDS Interdictor Strike, also known as GR.1/GR.4 and sub variants.
IFFIdentification, Friend or Foe
IFREPInflight Report
IFTCInitial Flying Training Clearance
IFUInterface Unit
ILSInstrument Landing System
IMWIBInboard Missile Weapon Interface Box
INInertial Navigator
INSInertial Navigation System
IPInitial Point
IPSInterim Planning System
IRInfra Red
IRLSInfra Red Line Scan
IRSTInfra Red Search and Track System
ISDIn Service Date
ISMFIn Service Maintenance Facility
ISTInternational Software Team
J BandRadar Frequencies, 10 - 20GHz
JaboGJagdbombengeschwader, Fighter/Bomber Wing
JENGOJunior Engineering Officer
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
LANCELine Algorithm for Navigation in a Combat Environment
LCULaser Control Unit
LDERULight Duty Ejector Release Unit
LEULaser Electronics Unit
LFALow Flying Area
LGBLaser Guided Bomb
LIFSLaser Interface Unit
LINSLaser Inertial Navigation System
LLTILong Lead Time Items
LMTRLaser Marked Target Receiver
LOALine of Attack
LOXLiquid Oxygen
LRMTSLaser Ranging Marked Target Seeker
LRULine Replaceable Unit
LVPSLow Voltage Power Supply
MACEMinimum Area Crutchless Ejector
MBCMain Beam Clutter
MCMain Computer
MCSSMain Computer Sub System
MCSTMain Computer Self Test
MDManoeuvre Demand
MDCMiniature Detonating Cord
MECUMechanical Engine Control Unit
MEGTFMid Life Upgrade Enhanced Ground Test Facility
MEPUMono Fuel Emergency Power Unit
MEZMissile Engagement Zone
MFDMulti Function Display
MFGMarinefliergeschwader, Naval Air Wing
MIFUMissile Interface Unit
MLGMain Landing Gear
MMH/FHMaintenance Man Hours per Flying Hour
MMSMissile Management System
MODMinistry of Defence
MoUMemorandum of Understanding
MPUMissile Programming Unit
MRA-75Multi Role Aircraft for 1975
MRCAMulti Role Combat Aircraft
MRGMultiple Range Gate
MSDSMarconi Space & Defence Systems
MTBFMean Time Between Failures
MTU Motor and Turbo Union (Motoren und Turbo Union)
MWODMultiple Word of Day
NAMMA NATO MRCA Management Agency
NAMMO NATO MRCA Management Organisation
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NAUNormal Acceleration Unit

NATO EFA Development Production and Logistics Management Agency


NATO EF2000 and TORNADO Development Production and Logistics Management Agency

NHCNavigators Hand control
NISNATO Identification System
NLGNose Landing Gear
NMPNavigation Mode Panel
NRVNon Return Valve
NSASNosewheel Steering Augmentation System
NSSNavigation Sub System
NVG Night Vision Goggles
NWCPNavigator's Weapons Control Panel
NWSNose Wheel Steering
OCAMSOn-Board Check Out & Monitoring System
OCUOperational Conversion Unit
OEOOperational Equipment Objective
OEROperational Equipment Requirement
OFPOperational Flight Program
OLPOuter Loop Feedback
OROperational Requirement
OSBOne Shot Battery
OTCOfficial Test Centre
OTFOn Top Fix
OTHOver The Horizon
PANAVIA Panavia Aircraft Gmbh the operating company set up to manage the Tornado project.   
PARPrecision Approach Radar
PCMPeripheral Control Module
PDR Performance and Design Requirement
PDUPylon Decoder Unit
PECPersonal Equipment Connector
PFCSPrimary Flying Control System
PFMPre Flight Message
PGUPitch Gyro Unit
PHUPilot Hand Control
PHUDPilot's Head Up Display
PIPhotographic Interpreter
PIMPure Inertial Mode
PIRATEPassive Infra Red Airborne Tracking Equipment
PMDProjected Map Display
PMFDPilot's Multi Function Display
POIPoint of Interest
PPSPitch Plane Scan
PRFPulse Repetition Frequency
PRFSSPortable Radio Frequency Signal Source
PRVPressure Reducing Valve
PWCPPilot's Weapons Control Panel
QECUQuick Engine Change Unit
QRAQuick Reaction Alert
RAMRadar Absorbent Material
RATRam Air Turbine
RAZRadar Acquisition Zone
RDERapid Data Entry
RDPRadar Data Processor
RDURefrigerated Detector Unit
RFODSRear Fuselage Overheat Detection System
RHWRRadar Homing Warning Receiver
RICReconnaissance Interpretation Centre
RMSReconnaissance Management System
RPMDRadar Projected Map Display
RWRRear Warning Radar
RWSSRadar Weapon Sub System
SASituational Awareness
SACSSecondary Attitude and Compass System
SADSafety Arming Device
SAHRSecondary Attitude and Heading Reference
SAMSurface to Air Missile
SARSearch And Rescue
SBCSingle Board Computer
SDRSystem Design Responsibility
SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defences
SENGOSenior Engineering Officer
SEPSpecific Excess Power
SFCSSecondary Flying Control System
SHESecondary Heat Exchanger
SIATSenior Instructor Aircrew Training
SIPStructural Improvement Program
SIRVSafety & Inward Release Valve
SJSelective Jettison
SLSerial Links
SLCSide Lobe Clutter
SLIRSide Looking Infra Red
SMSStore Management System
SOPStandard Operating Procedure
SPEMStrong Point Externally Mounted
SPILS Spin Prevention Incidence Limiting System 
SPRVSystem Pressure Relief Valve
SPSSecondary Power System
SSIISpecial Serial Input Interface
SSLScanner Serial Links
SSOISpecial Serial Output Interface
STANAGStandard NATO Agreement
STTESpecial to Type Equipment
SUMSStructural Utilisation Management System
TACANTactical Air Navigation
TACEVALTactical Evaluation
TAMPATornado Advanced Mission Planning Aid
TASF Tornado Aircraft Servicing Flight 
TBCTactical Booking Centre
TBO Time Between Overhauls
TCEDITTornado Command Engineering  and Development Investigation Team
TCSITornado Combined Safety Investigation
TDATemporary Danger Area
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
TEDTactical Evaluation Display
TFR Terrain Following Radar
TITexas Instruments
TIALD Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator
TIARA Tornado Integrated Avionics Research Aircraft
TIRRSTornado Infra Red Reconnaissance System
TISMTTornado Inservice Maintenance Team
TGSS Tornado Ground Servicing School
TOCUTornado Operational Conversion Unit
TODTime of Day
TOEUTornado Operational Evaluation Unit
TRDTowed Radar Decoy
TREFTransportable Reconnaissance Exploitation Facility
TRSTTornado Reconnaissance Systems Trainer
TRUTransformer Rectifier Unit
TSCTornado Steering Committee
TSTTime Sensitive Targeting
TTTTornado Tiger Team
TTTE Tri-national Tornado Training Establishment
TTUTriplex Transducer Unit
TWCU Tornado Weapons Conversion Unit
TWODTraining Word of Day
TWSTrack While Scan
TWTTravelling Wave Tube
UETFUninstalled Engine Test Facility
UHFUltra High Frequency
UKADGEUnited Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment
UKLFUnited Kingdom Low Flying
UKVGUnited Kingdom Variable Geometry
UORUrgent Operational Requirement
VGVariable Geometry
VOSVoice Operated Switch
VRSVideo Recording System
VxVelocity Along Heading
VyVelocity Across Heading
VzVertical Velocity
WaKoWaffenausbildungs Kommando
WAMSWeapons Aiming Mode Selector
WODWord of Day
WOWWeight on Wheels
WPWarsaw Pact
WPUWeapon Programming Unit
WSLWing Sweep Lever
WSOWeapons System Operator
WSSWing Sweep System


Yttrium Aluminium Garnet