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1553 or 1553B Databus The MIL-STD-1553B databus is a military standard communications system that allows the transfer of data between units coupled on a shared communications path(databus).  The systems on the bus can be electrically isolated. The bus runs at 1Mbps and utilises a 16 bit word, although a total of 20 bits are utilised to perform error checking. The system is controlled by a box called the Bus Controller of which there must always be one. The bus controller can communicate with a maximum of 31 units on the bus.
A&AEE Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment
AAIS Approach Aid Interface Unit
AAO Air to Air Override
AAR Air to Air Refuelling
ABCV Air Bleed Control Valve
ACMI Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation
ADC Air Data Computer
ADF Automatic Direction Finding
ADI Attitude Direction Indicator
ADR Accident Data Recorder
ADV Air Defence Variant, also known as F.2 and F.3             
ADVSMT Air Defence Variant Software Maintenance team
AEW Airborne Early Warning
AFDS Automatic Flight Director System
AFVG Anglo French Variable Geometry
AGE Aerospace Ground Equipment
AICS Air Intake Control System
ALARM Air Launched Anti Radiation Missile
ALFENS Automated Low Flying and Flight Planning Enquiry & Notification System
AMI Aeronautica Militare Italiana
AMRAAM Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile
ANIS Automatic Navigation Intercept System
AOA Angle of Attack
AOB Angle of Bank
AOTD Active Optical Detector Unit
AP3207 RAF Flight Safety Manual
AP Air Publication
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
AROP Air to Air Refuelling Operations Order
ARTF Alkali Removable Temporary Finish (allegedly!)
ASF Aircraft Servicing Flight
ASM Air Systems Master
ASP Aircraft Servicing Platform
ASR Air Staff Requirement
ASRAAM Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missile
ASU Antenna Switching Unit
ATE Automatic Test Equipment
ATF Automatic Terrain Following
ATM Air Tasking Message
ATS Automatic Test Station
ATTG Automated Tactical Target Graphic
BAC British Aircraft Corporation
BAE British Aerospace, a 42 % shareholder in Panavia
BASOV Bleed Air Shut Off Valve
BCV Brake Control Valve
BDA Battle Damage Assessment
BDM Basic Defensive Manoeuvring
Be Beryllium
BITE Built In Test Equipment
BOSS Bomb On Station Switch
BRSL Bomb Release Safety Lock
BTC Bus Tie Connector
BTH Beyond The Horizon
BTRU Barostatic Time Release Unit
BTTDFU Breech Type Time Delay Firing Unit
BVR Beyond Visual Range
CAP Combat Air Patrol
CASOM Conventionally Armed Stand Off Missile
CAU Cold Air Unit
C-BITE Continuous Built in Test Equipment
CBLS Carrier Bomb Light Store
CCE Communications Control Equipment
CCIL Continuously Computed Impact Line
CCS Communication Control System
CDMT Central Design and Management Team
CEC Command Ejection Controller
CGAFCV Cabin Ground Airflow Control Valve
CGI Chief Ground Instructor
CHE Combined Heat Exchanger
CI Chief Instructor
CJIU Canopy Jettison Initiator Unit
CLP Common Loading Point
CLS Computer Loading System
C-MIST Cottesmore Meteorological Information System
CMP Central Maintenance Panel
CPCV Cabin Pressure Control Valve
CPGS Cassette Preparation Ground Station
CPSU Central Power Supply Unit
CRMD Combined Radar and Projected Map Display
CRPMD Combined Radar Projected Map Display
CSAS Command Stability Augmentation System
CSDE Central Servicing Development Establishment
CSG Computer Symbol Generator
CSU Combined Service Unit
CTI Competent to Instruct
CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder
CWP Central Warning Panel
CWS Central Warning System
DACT Dissimilar Air Combat Training
DASS Defensive Aids Subsystem
DAU Data Acquisition Unit
DDVR Digital Data Voice Recorder
DECLASS Declassification Program
DECU Digital Engine Control Unit
DEL Direct Electrical Link
DERA Defence Evaluation and Research Agency
DFCS Digital Flight Control System
DH Direct Hit
DINS Digital Inertial Navigation System
DLGS Data Link Ground Station
DMEA Defect Mode and Effect Analysis
DMPI Desired Mean Point(s) of Impact
DPI Differential Pressure Indicator
DPU Data Processing Unit
DTS Digital Terrain System
DU Display Unit
DVS Demodulated Video Signal


EBW Electron Beam Welding
ECC Equipment Compartment Conditioning
ECM Electronic Counter Measures
ECCM Electronic Counter Counter Measures
ECR (EKA) Electronic Combat Reconnaissance
ECS Environmental Control System
EGTP External Ground Test Program
EHDD Enhanced/Electronic Head Down Display
EHP Electro-Hydraulic Pump
EHT Extra High Tension
EIAW Enhanced Imagery Analysis Workstation
EJ Emergency Jettison
EKA(ECR) Elektronische Kampffuhrung und Aufklarung
ELP Electro-Luminescent Panel
EPS Emergency Power System
EPSC Electrical Power System Control
ERAV Emergency Ram Air Valve
ERU Ejector Release Unit
ESM Electronic Support Measures
ESOV Ejector Shut Off Valve
ESRRD E-Scope Radar Repeater Display
ESSC Engineering Supply Sub Committee
EUCARF European Central Airspace Facility Ramstein
EUMS Engine Utilisation Management System
EW Electronic Warfare


FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control
FBW Fly By Wire
FCOC Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler
FCS Flight Control System
FEBA Forward Edge of Battle Area
FF Fixed Frequency
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
FH Flying Hours
FJ Fast Jet
FLIR Forward Looking Infra Red
FLOT Forward Line of Own Troops
FMICW Frequency Modulated Interrupted Continuous Wave
FMS Fuel Management System
FOD Foreign Object Damage
FRP Flight Refuelling Probe
FSCL Fire Support Coordination Line
FSDU Flap Slat Drive Unit


GCI Ground Controlled Intercept
GCS Generator Control Switch
GCU Generator Control Unit
GLD Ground Laser Designator
GMPMD Ground Mapping ???
GMP Ground Maintenance Program
GMR Ground Mapping Radar
GPC Ground Power Contactor
GPCU Ground Power Contactor Unit
GPLU Ground Program Loading Unit
GPS Global Positioning System
GPU Ground Power Unit
GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System
GRE Ground Replay Equipment
GTF Ground Test Facility
GTLS Gaseous Tritium Light Source
HACQ HUD Acquisition
HAS Hardened Aircraft Shelter     
HC Hand Controller
HDD Head Down Display
HDERU Heavy Duty Ejector Release Unit
HDU Hose Drum Unit
HE High Explosive
HEI High Explosive Incendiary
HF High Frequency
HISL High Intensity Strobe Lights
HJ Home on Jam
HLL High Lift Lever
HLWSCU High Lift Wing Sweep Control Unit
HOTAS Hands On Throttle And Stick
HPRU Harness Power Retraction Unit
HRI Heading Repeater Indicator
HUD Heads Up Display
Hydrazine Monofuel N2H4
I Band Radar Frequencies,  8 - 10 GHz
I BITE Interruptive Built in Test Equipment
IA Imagery Analyst
IAW Imagery Analysis Workstation
ICCS Integrated Command and Control System
ICW Interrupted Continuous Wave
IDG Integrated Drive Generator
IDS Interdictor Strike, also known as GR.1/GR.4 and sub variants.
IFF Identification, Friend or Foe
IFREP Inflight Report
IFTC Initial Flying Training Clearance
IFU Interface Unit
ILS Instrument Landing System
IMWIB Inboard Missile Weapon Interface Box
IN Inertial Navigator
INS Inertial Navigation System
IP Initial Point
IPS Interim Planning System
IR Infra Red
IRLS Infra Red Line Scan
IRST Infra Red Search and Track System
ISD In Service Date
ISMF In Service Maintenance Facility
IST International Software Team
J Band Radar Frequencies, 10 - 20GHz
JaboG Jagdbombengeschwader, Fighter/Bomber Wing
JENGO Junior Engineering Officer
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
LANCE Line Algorithm for Navigation in a Combat Environment
LCU Laser Control Unit
LDERU Light Duty Ejector Release Unit
LEU Laser Electronics Unit
LFA Low Flying Area
LGB Laser Guided Bomb
LIFS Laser Interface Unit
LINS Laser Inertial Navigation System
LLTI Long Lead Time Items
LMTR Laser Marked Target Receiver
LOA Line of Attack
LOX Liquid Oxygen
LRMTS Laser Ranging Marked Target Seeker
LRU Line Replaceable Unit
LVPS Low Voltage Power Supply
MACE Minimum Area Crutchless Ejector
MBB Messerschmitt-Bőlkow-Blohm
MBC Main Beam Clutter
MC Main Computer
MCSS Main Computer Sub System
MCST Main Computer Self Test
MD Manoeuvre Demand
MDC Miniature Detonating Cord
MECU Mechanical Engine Control Unit
MEGTF Mid Life Upgrade Enhanced Ground Test Facility
MEPU Mono Fuel Emergency Power Unit
MEZ Missile Engagement Zone
MFD Multi Function Display
MFG Marinefliergeschwader, Naval Air Wing
MIFU Missile Interface Unit
MLG Main Landing Gear
MMH/FH Maintenance Man Hours per Flying Hour
MMS Missile Management System
MOD Ministry of Defence
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MPU Missile Programming Unit
MRA-75 Multi Role Aircraft for 1975
MRCA Multi Role Combat Aircraft
MRG Multiple Range Gate
MSDS Marconi Space & Defence Systems
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTU Motor and Turbo Union (Motoren und Turbo Union)
MWOD Multiple Word of Day
NAMMA NATO MRCA Management Agency
NAMMO NATO MRCA Management Organisation
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NAU Normal Acceleration Unit
Nd Neodymium

NATO EFA Development Production and Logistics Management Agency


NATO EF2000 and TORNADO Development Production and Logistics Management Agency

NHC Navigators Hand control
NIS NATO Identification System
NLG Nose Landing Gear
NMP Navigation Mode Panel
NRV Non Return Valve
NSAS Nosewheel Steering Augmentation System
NSS Navigation Sub System
NVG Night Vision Goggles
NWCP Navigator's Weapons Control Panel
NWS Nose Wheel Steering
OCAMS On-Board Check Out & Monitoring System
OCU Operational Conversion Unit
OEO Operational Equipment Objective
OER Operational Equipment Requirement
OFP Operational Flight Program
OLP Outer Loop Feedback
OR Operational Requirement
OSB One Shot Battery
OTC Official Test Centre
OTF On Top Fix
OTH Over The Horizon
PANAVIA Panavia Aircraft Gmbh the operating company set up to manage the Tornado project.   
PAR Precision Approach Radar
PCM Peripheral Control Module
PDR Performance and Design Requirement
PDU Pylon Decoder Unit
PEC Personal Equipment Connector
PFCS Primary Flying Control System
PFM Pre Flight Message
PGU Pitch Gyro Unit
PHU Pilot Hand Control
PHUD Pilot's Head Up Display
PI Photographic Interpreter
PIM Pure Inertial Mode
PIRATE Passive Infra Red Airborne Tracking Equipment
PMD Projected Map Display
PMFD Pilot's Multi Function Display
POI Point of Interest
PPS Pitch Plane Scan
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency
PRFSS Portable Radio Frequency Signal Source
PRV Pressure Reducing Valve
PWCP Pilot's Weapons Control Panel
QECU Quick Engine Change Unit
QRA Quick Reaction Alert
RAM Radar Absorbent Material
RAT Ram Air Turbine
RAZ Radar Acquisition Zone
RDE Rapid Data Entry
RDP Radar Data Processor
RDU Refrigerated Detector Unit
RFODS Rear Fuselage Overheat Detection System
RHWR Radar Homing Warning Receiver
RIC Reconnaissance Interpretation Centre
RMS Reconnaissance Management System
RPMD Radar Projected Map Display
RWR Rear Warning Radar
RWSS Radar Weapon Sub System
SA Situational Awareness
SACS Secondary Attitude and Compass System
SAD Safety Arming Device
SAHR Secondary Attitude and Heading Reference
SAM Surface to Air Missile
SAR Search And Rescue
SBC Single Board Computer
SDR System Design Responsibility
SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defences
SENGO Senior Engineering Officer
SEP Specific Excess Power
SFCS Secondary Flying Control System
SHE Secondary Heat Exchanger
SIAT Senior Instructor Aircrew Training
SIP Structural Improvement Program
SIRV Safety & Inward Release Valve
SJ Selective Jettison
SL Serial Links
SLC Side Lobe Clutter
SLIR Side Looking Infra Red
SMS Store Management System
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SPEM Strong Point Externally Mounted
SPILS Spin Prevention Incidence Limiting System 
SPRV System Pressure Relief Valve
SPS Secondary Power System
SSII Special Serial Input Interface
SSL Scanner Serial Links
SSOI Special Serial Output Interface
STANAG Standard NATO Agreement
STTE Special to Type Equipment
SUMS Structural Utilisation Management System
TACAN Tactical Air Navigation
TACEVAL Tactical Evaluation
TAMPA Tornado Advanced Mission Planning Aid
TASF Tornado Aircraft Servicing Flight 
TBC Tactical Booking Centre
TBO Time Between Overhauls
TCEDIT Tornado Command Engineering  and Development Investigation Team
TCSI Tornado Combined Safety Investigation
TDA Temporary Danger Area
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
TED Tactical Evaluation Display
TFR Terrain Following Radar
TI Texas Instruments
TIALD Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator
TIARA Tornado Integrated Avionics Research Aircraft
TIRRS Tornado Infra Red Reconnaissance System
TISMT Tornado Inservice Maintenance Team
TGSS Tornado Ground Servicing School
TOCU Tornado Operational Conversion Unit
TOD Time of Day
TOEU Tornado Operational Evaluation Unit
T/R Transmitter/Receiver
TRD Towed Radar Decoy
TREF Transportable Reconnaissance Exploitation Facility
TRST Tornado Reconnaissance Systems Trainer
TRU Transformer Rectifier Unit
TSC Tornado Steering Committee
TST Time Sensitive Targeting
TTT Tornado Tiger Team
TTTE Tri-national Tornado Training Establishment
TTU Triplex Transducer Unit
TWCU Tornado Weapons Conversion Unit
TWOD Training Word of Day
TWS Track While Scan
TWT Travelling Wave Tube
UETF Uninstalled Engine Test Facility
UHF Ultra High Frequency
UKADGE United Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment
UKLF United Kingdom Low Flying
UKVG United Kingdom Variable Geometry
UOR Urgent Operational Requirement
VG Variable Geometry
VOS Voice Operated Switch
VRS Video Recording System
Vx Velocity Along Heading
Vy Velocity Across Heading
Vz Vertical Velocity
WaKo Waffenausbildungs Kommando
WAMS Weapons Aiming Mode Selector
WOD Word of Day
WOW Weight on Wheels
WP Warsaw Pact
WPU Weapon Programming Unit
WSL Wing Sweep Lever
WSO Weapons System Operator
WSS Wing Sweep System


Yttrium Aluminium Garnet


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