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BAE Systems North West Aviation GroupPanavia Aircraft GmbH


Howard Curtis - 10,000 + Aviation Links !Roger Long
All the 'Panavia' crew who have been in contact Gary Parsons - F4 Aviation
Tom McGhee & Mick Boulanger Des Brennan
Harry BonetGraham Gaff
Fred JansenJeremy Lee,Test Pilot - BAE Warton 1973 - 1982, Chief Test Pilot - BAE Warton 1983 - 1985
Mike CarrollChris Dowsett
Jo BakkenBob Roberts
James EverettEverett Aero
J祮 G䨥rDavid Dean
Graham MisonGary Binnie
Mike DigbyStefan Goossens
Martien JacobsMike Blum
Gerry FrewJuergen Guenther
Steven Marchitelli Luigi Coda  'Panavia Flight Test Management Group'
Keith WilsonTony Mayhew
Stuart Miller 


St Athan Aviation Group JETS Magazine
East London Aviation Society
Military Aviation Review
Air Forces Monthly


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