Interesting Airframes



This was the first British airframe to reach 1,000 flight hours on the 10th October 1985.

Development aircraft for the GR.1A

This airframe has been extensively modified to allow experimental weapons to be carried. Other modifications include a 1553B data bus.  The airframe has been used for weapons release trials and terrain following radar trials.

'TIARA' or Tornado Integrated Avionics Research Aircraft, this airframe has been extensively modified with state of the art avionics systems. The front cockpit contains a three six inch color multifunction displays, a holographic HUD and is HOTAS capable. The aircraft is NVG compatible and has multiple 1553B data buses linking its avionics and weapons systems. The aircraft is equipped with IRST and FLIR  systems.  Due to the advanced nature of the airframe it is usual to carry a safety pilot in the rear cockpit.

This airframe was used as the Link 16 JTIDS development aircraft. It also performed the first un refuelled Atlantic crossing by a British fighter on the 24th September 1987.

'Nightfox' This aircraft was modified by the DRA for FLIR trials.  It was used to evaluate the integration of the FLIR system with the rest of the Tornado systems. This airframe will join the GR.4 upgrade program once its trials equipment has been removed.





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