IDS - MOD States


MOD Description
00011 Provision of external APU start facility
00218 Changes to pitot probe
00245 Jet pipe resonanance warning 
00409 Relocation of refuel probe dimmer
00448 Changes to engine warning vibration system
00450 Changes to NWAMS
00477 Installation of RH low height repeater
00541 Changes to engine ignition system
00555 Introduction of SPILS hardware
00562 Change L/R oil pressure warning (CWP)
00590  Introduction of static wedge type B
00629 Changes to ice detection system
00644 Changes to engine starting system
00839 Increase of temperature operating range of canopy locking mechanism
00859 Changes to CWP's
00905 Changes to CWP's (SMS A/B)
'00921 Changes to CWP's (ECS)
00924 Air distribution to ejection seat head rests
00942 HUD revised CCIL and safety modifications
00964 Introduction of a stiffened front cross member to main computer rack
00996 Removal of ejection seat pitch control unit
01209 Additional bonding between fuel pipes
01229 Introduce new parachute assembly
01233 Interlocking between ECS ejector and shut off valve
01253 Change to TTU
01331 Bonding lead to flight refuel probe interface unit
01332 Isolation of engine HP6 BOV's
01361 Engine oil pressure time delay
01399 Change to lift dump indicator
01415 Introduction of 4 seconds delay PSP
01431 MK103 engine
01436 To introduce a reinforced heat exchanger fairing
01445 Change to wander lamp stowage
01460 Taileron leading edge protection
01461 Changes to CWP (SPILS)
01464 Introduction of automatic auto throttle disconnect indication
01485 Inhibition of GMR failure failure warning on CWP in the rear cockpit
01537 Removal of redundant HP6 BOV's
01560 Improvements to LH links bay (GUN)
01570 15 second oil pressure warning delay
01625 Introduction of 10 mile map facility on the CRPMD
01661 Changes to V/UHF 
01655 Changes to crash panel
01663 Changes to crash panel
01662 Introduction of DC volt meter
01670 Deletion of reheat operation lights
01724 Improvements to AOA probes
01742 Changes to CCE station box
01749 Enhancement of the status indication of the TF/AFDS in the front cockpit
01882 Revised cockpit indicators for radar phase 1 upgrade
10137 Introduction of 64K computer
10229 Fuel gauging system, combined junction box, wiring and brackets
10572 Introduction of MK8 standard of the CSAS lateral computer
10777 Strengthening APU/SPS bay panel
10781 Cowl fence in left hand engine air intake
10809 Installlation of HF/SSB radio equipment
10829 Changes to WPU
10841 Removal of HDDR film remaining indicator
10866 Introduction of a pressure relief valve RCOV
10912 Nose Radar program, update EV2
10914 Change to BDHH
10938 Changes to gearbox standard
10963 Changes to WPU software
10977 Changes to SPS control unit
11019 Improvements to one shot battery
11029 IFU BITE Malfunction
11042 Changes to engine start system
11045 Modify main landing gear air spring for take off at 28500kg
11047 Introduction of 128 K main computer
11063 Replacement of air to air missile unit
11133 Nose Radar LRU-1 upgrade
11159 HF/SSB introduce new type of double shielded coax cable
11183/11317 Nose radar, introduction of improved oil accumulator to LRU2
11188 Introduction of enhanced stores management system
11294 Introduction of 224K main computer
13011 HMERU/LMERU modifications
13016 Improvements to B/B pod flood light
13023 Role equipment improvements to HM & LM ERU's
13045 Introduction of target of opportunity (TOO) mode into MCU
16045 Introduction of MC OFP tape
16046 Introduction of MC OFP tape
16064 Update of strike OFP to production standard T-P-SW-X701-01-P
16071 Update of strike OFP to production standard T-P-SW-X702-01-P
16100 MC software standard OFP SS7 load 107 
50143 New LP shaft welded Inco to avoid resonance with reheat buzz