Landing Gear

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Landing Gear

The Tornado has a hydraulically operated tricycle arrangement that retracts forwards.  Each main gear is comprised of a oleo-pneumatic leg with a single wheel whilst the nose gear has two wheels.

The operation of the landing gear is electronically controlled and hydraulically operated.

An emergency system provides backup and is mechanically operated.  Once activated the system uses Nitrogen gas to pressurise the system.

It is normal practice to slow the aircraft after landing using the reverse thrust system, this slows the aircraft dramatically and reduces the wear and maintenance on the wheel braking systems. Each main wheel assembly is fitted with a hydraulically activated multi disc brake assembly protected by an anti-skid system.

Arrestor Gear

The airframe houses an arrestor hook to provide emergency braking on suitably equipped runways. The hook is stowed manually and released electronically via a button in the front cockpit or by using a manual release lever for servicing. A ground safety pin and device are used to prevent inadvertent operation of the hook.