Oxygen-Crew Escape

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Oxygen System

The main oxygen system is based upon a 10l liquid oxygen converter which provides oxygen for both crew members.  Duration is about 10 hours.
It is delivered via a demand type regulator fitted on each seat.

The converter is located in a bay under the rear cockpit.  This location allows for easy removal, replacement or replenishment.

An emergency oxygen system is installed on each seat and provides oxygen from a 7l cylinder for use in the event of a failure of the main system or following ejection.


Crew Escape

The escape system is comprised of two Martin Baker MK10, fully automatic, rocket assisted ejection seats which are inter connected and sequenced with each other and the canopy jettison system providing a zero speed, zero height escape facility.

To minimise total escape times a command ejection facility is provided and a single canopy is used to cover both cockpits.  This canopy is jettisoned by means of two rocket motors fitted at the front.

In addition to the canopy jettison system the canopy transparency is fitted with a Miniature Detonation Cord (MDC). This fragments the transparency upon operation of the seat ejection handles or the ground jettison handles.