The RB199 engine has the following maintenance features,

    - Nine major assemblies breaking down to sixteen modules,
    - Assemblies/modules replaced at 2nd Line,
    - No rebalancing required after assembly/module replacement,
    - Corrosion resistant materials,
    - No engine mounted aircraft accessories,
    - Engines are completely interchangeable with minimal dressing,
    - Drop out installation,
    - Minimal disconnect points,
    - Rapid engine change, removal & replacement possible in less than 40 minutes,
    - Simple AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipment) requirements,
    - Health monitoring features,
            - Magnetic detector plugs,
            - Spectrometric oil analysis,
            - 13 Borescope inspection ports,
            - Vibration monitoring,
            - Time/Temperature cycle recording.
    - Large engine bay doors with shoot bolts allow easy access to engines and accessories,
    - Engine accessories grouped around lower half of the engine, allows replacement without engine removal,
    - Servicing points provide easy access for,
            - checking magnetic plugs,
            - pressure re-oiling,
            - tank contents checking,
            - filter inspection,
            - oil sampling.

Text based on Panavia Maintainability Document