Tornado in Detail
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The airframe is composed of six assemblies, front fuselage, centre section, rear fuselage, fin, tailerons and wings.

Each Assembly is broken into zones as follows,
Front Fuselage: Zones 11 - 19, Center section: Zones 21 - 29, Rear Fuselage: Zones 31 - 39, Wings: Zones 41 - 49, Fin and Tailerons: Zones 51 - 59, External Stores: Zones 61 - 69.

Access Panels
There are a substantial number of access panels as follows,

Front Fuselage: 101 - 199, Centre Section: 201 - 299, Rear Fuselage: 301 - 399, Wings: 401 - 499, Tailerons, Fin and Rudder: 501 -599, Pylons: 601 - 699.
Each panel is followed by a letter, L - left, R - right, T - Top, B - Bottom.

The airframe has a number of transverse frames. Major frames are numbered 1 - 19, front to rear.

Specific  points in the airframe are found using station numbers. This is a three dimensional locator. X axis is longitudinal, Y is lateral and Z is vertical. +/- on Y axis denote left or right from datum.






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