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Prototype P.09 - X587 MM587

(C) Panavia Aircraft GmbH


- First Flight 5th February 1977 flown by Pietro Trevisan and Manlio Quarantelli.

- P.09 was used extensively for weapons release trials which included the first firing of the Kormoran air to surface missile on 31st July 1978 and flutter testing.

- P.09s introduction was delayed due to the continued absence of P.05, the expected trials fit had to be extensively modified.  The airframe was rolled out during November 1976 but did not fly until 5th February 1977.

-P.09 was intensively used for armament testing: between 26/7/1978 and 23/7/1980, it logged an "astonishing" 225 Flight Test sorties.

- Delivered in Panavia color scheme



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