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Prototype P.06 - XX948


P.06 incorporated numerous modifications including a revised rear fuselage profile that was slimmer than its predecessors and included a fillet at the base of the fin between the engines to adjust the aerodynamic properties of the airframe. Vortex generators were also fitted on the fin. 


- First flight 20.12.1975

- Delivered in British camouflaged scheme.

- It was also the first airframe to be fitted with the Mauser 27mm cannon.

- P.06s main role was weapons clearance trials although this also included other stores as well.

- P.06 was the flying demonstrator at Farnborough between 5th & 12th September. Paul Millett & Dave Eagles flew it on alternate days.

- P.06 was used converted to a Weapons System Training Rig at Cosford by the Weapons Squadron and BAE staff. (see images)

- Presently at Hermeskeil, Germany



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