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Prototype P.03 - XX947

P.03 was the first airframe to be fitted with dual controls.

- First flight 05.08.1975

- Delivered in British camouflaged scheme.

- It was also the first to have a production standard radome.

- This airframe was also used in the spinning and stalling trials and was later used for higher weight performance trials.

- P.03 was involved in an incident on the 4th October 1976 when it aquaplaned off the runway at Warton. Various modifications were introduced after this incident including changes to the main gear attachment points and modifications to the thrust reverser system to try and minimize wandering on landing due to the reversed airflow being distributed unevenly .

- This airframe was the first to be finished in a camouflage paint scheme.

- This airframe was also instrumented to study in flight loads.

- It was later fitted with a Sundstrand EPU and anti-spin parachute during 1978.

- XX947 is now located at Shoreham Airport, prior to being placed here is was at Everett Aero, (images available from navigation bar at top of page)