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Prototype P.02 - XX946


P.02 was the first airframe to be fitted with fully functioning variable engine intake ramps and was used initially for the expansion of the flight envelope. 

- First flight 30.10.1974

- This airframe was fitted with the RB199-34R -03 pre production standard engine. 

- It was involved in the spinning and stalling trials and was also used for some flutter testing after P.05 which should have performed this testing was involved in a landing accident.

- This airframe was also used for weapons release and air to air refuelling trials.

- Delivered in Panavia color scheme, later standard grey & green camouflage.

- Presently at RAF Cosford

First Flight - Notes from "The Birth of Tornado" Royal Air Force Historical Society

Paul Millet & Dave Eagles were heavily involved in the initial engine running and ground running of P.02. Pietro Trevisan, the Aeritalia Chief Test Pilot was invited to Warton to fly in the rear cockpit. Major issues had been experienced in setting up the flight control systems on P.02. The first flight was made in direct link mode, in effect the CSAS was bypassed and all control surface requests went directly to the actuators.

During this flight the aircraft was taken through the full cleared flight envelope including a short supersonic run. A small engine problem occurred on take off when a surge was experience din the left engine.

Upon return to Warton many site workers had assembled to await the aircrafts return.  Paul Millet did not disappoint them and performed some low level rolls along the runway prior to landing.



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