The Bases



Royal Air Force


The British Tornado fleet was dispersed across the region at the following locations,

Tabuk, NW Saudi Arabia
18 x Tornado GR.1

Dhahran, E Saudi Arabia
12 x Tornado GR.1
 6 x Tornado GR.1A
18 x Tornado F.3

Muharraq, Bahrain
12 x Tornado GR.1

Squadrons Deployed

Tornado GR.1

RAF Laarbruch       15,16 & 20
RAF Bruggen          14,17 & 31 
RAF Marham          27 & 617

Tornado GR.1A

RAF Laarbruch        2
RAF Honington        13

Tornado F.3

RAF Coningsby      5,29 & 229 OCU
RAF Leeming        11,23 & 25
RAF Leuchars        43

Royal Saudi Air Force


The RSAF fleet was stationed as follows,

King Abdullah Aziz Air Base
31 x Tornado GR.1

24 x Tornado ADV

Squadrons Deployed

Tornado GR.1

RSAF King Abdullah Aziz      7

Tornado ADV

RSAF Dhahran                    29

Italian Air Force


The Italian contingent was stationed in the United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi
10 x Tornado IDS

Squadrons Deployed

IAF Gioia del Colle       156
IAF Ghedi                    154



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